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Friday, July 3, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: favorite // Friday's Finds

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Having an appointment - earlier this morning... I left the house on this beautiful day.  The kiddos were left at home with Daddy as he was able to enjoy the day off of work - due to the 4th of July Holiday.  Ahhh.. a few moments by myself.

The drive was lovely.  Windows down.  The sights and smells of the hayfields and surrounding area were just what I needed.

The soft sounds of a quiet radio program playing in the background.  Encouragement from some radio preacher speaking truth in volumes.
He said...

"Vision without action is just a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare."

I don't know if that was a quote from himself or from somewhere else... but, I had to pull over, in a safe area, to write it down before I forgot it.  Loved that!!

Moments like these are just the fuel I need to "settle down", refresh and nourish my soul...in efforts to get back into the loud and busy of some of my favorite people in the world.

Oh my...
Linking up today with Kate from Heading Home for Five Minute Friday!
Today's prompt was : favorite

LOL... and look what we've found on the front porch!!  A mystery girl - trying to escape the crazy's in the pool.   I don't blame her one bit.  (smile!)

A fun part to add to this post - bringin back on old favorite meme I used to do... called Friday's Finds!
I haven't done one of these in while...  it felt good to bring it back in here on this post today!

And, then... I came home, from my appointment, to these lovelies sitting on the kitchen counter.
Here a friend had stopped by with a thinking-of-you bouquet.

Nice... and just simply perfect to accompany my newest food favorite... sitting there in the bowl!!
Thank you, Becky!! Sorry... I missed you when you came to call.

Have yourself a wonderful Fourth of July... celebrating our Nation's Birthday with friends or family... or, like us... you might want to celebrate with fremily!
We have folks like that in our lives...
Ones we wouldn't want to do life without, either!!

They just so happen to be MORE of some of the favoritest people in our little world!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Refreshing Rearrange {Can there really ever be such a thing?}

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I wasn't feeling too well this afternoon, and, as well, have been super busy this past week and a half trying to rearrange the whole of our upstairs.
Moving my entire sewing room/stuff into our bedroom.  Which allows our son to have pretty much his own room, now - short of sharing it with Dad  - for Scott's office use.

Getting rid of a toddler crib/bed - so that the two girls can have full use of the bunk beds.  Which creates a whole new look in their bedroom.  They are loving this!!
Getting rid of baby things and such.. things that we no longer have need of.

So - I. like I said, have been 'overwhelmed' busy with all of this... and on top of not feeling well.
I needed to take a break... after dinner, tonight.

I grabbed my camera and went outdoors to snap a few photos.  Granted, they're all of about the same thing... 
But who doesn't like a whiff of lovely lavender, sprinkled with a handful of buttercups and a johnny-jump-up here and there?
Ahhh... and the sweet summer evening - as the sun is on its way to setting in the west!

I love all the shadows  of the lavender on the white fence, in the background.
I'm tired.  But, there is still some more to do!  And, a shower will feel good to wash away the day.
As well, now... I'll be planning on making several trips to the local Five & Dime- as my hubby calls it, later this week or early... next.

By the way -- Scott was the one fully helping with the rearranging of furniture and such.  There was no way I could have done this all by myself.  And - of course!!  No pictures of all of this in action - is there?  (that's okay...)

FEELS SO GOOD!!  Wow... this clean-out and rearrange feels good.  
Even though I don't especially love it.  If you know what I mean? 
 I suppose I will grow accustomed to it.  Eventually.

Because - this really had to happen.  It's just that change is never easy, for me!

How about you?  Do you enjoy this sort of thing... rearranging and disposing of things?
Finding things you never remembered you had in the first place?  Oh boy!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Why do you shout?

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A man was rowing his boat down the river when he came upon a group of family members along the banks, shouting in anger at each other.  He turned to his companions and asked.  'Why do these people shout in anger at each other?'

His companions thought for a while, and finally, one of them said, 'When we lose our calm, we shout.'

'But, why should you shout when the other person is right next to you?  You can as well tell him what you have to say in a soft manner, can you not?', asked the man. They tried to give some other answers but none was satisfactory.

Finally, the man reasoned, 'When two people are angry at each other, their hearts distance a lot.  To cover that distance they must shout to be able to hear each other.  The angrier they are, the stronger they have to shout to hear each other that great distance.  

He went on, 'What happens when two people fall in love? They don't shout at each other but they talk softly, because their hearts are very close.  The distance between them is either nonexistent or very small...' the man continued, 'When they love each other even more, what happens?  They do not speak, only whisper and they get even closer to each other in their love. Finally, they even need not whisper. They only look at each other and that is all.  That is how close two people are when they love each other.'

He looked at his companions and said, 'So when you argue do let your heart get distant, do not say words that distance each other more, or else there will come a day when the distance is so great it will be difficult to find the path to return.

~ Author unknown


The challenge for me today, is how will I speak truth - with my neighbor; my family member; my friend?  I may be feeling angry (about something, in particular, even though it is the truth!) but how I share that, in that moment-of-truth, will only fall on deaf ears if my heart isn't close and in the right place... with the ones I especially love!!

** Bathing myself, this morning in words found in Scripture - in particular, Ephesians, chapters 4 & 5.

All of this...all of this is something to ponder and reflect on, today!  Your thoughts are welcome in this place.  Please!

May you all have a wonderful week...

Friday, June 26, 2015

Five Minute Friday :: Dream

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He always said - "stick it on the fridge".  Now we have pinterest boards,
But the idea is still the same.


And, it's okay to dream big!!

Keeping these so called dreams out in the open does something for one's soul, does it not?
Having them be part of a conversation does even better!

Whether it's stuck to a fridge, filed away in some online space or settled down in the deepest of the heart - I know, not all but some, of my  biggest dreams are still waiting to take flight.
Most are already realized!!

In this waiting... I wonder if my mantra shouldn't be... instead of Dream Big, but rather... Dream Patient!

One day!!!  It'll all come true...
Joining up with Kate @ Heading Home for the Five Minute Friday linkup!

Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

meant to be {we have a winner!}

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One day this week (yes, this week...this crazy, busy week - which also has been packed with Baseball Camp for my son, during the day and in the evening VBS for all three kiddos...) I, along with my girlies and my mom-in-law, squeezed in a quick trip to my favorite area in all of the world... for a "fun" day of shopping.  My MIL, Susie-Mom, wanted to go along, too, and she had quite the list of items she wanted to find... and there were a couple of reasons why I needed to go, myself.
I could always run to Lancaster County, are you kidding?  There  is could always be a reason...(smile!)  Seriously!!

One of the main reasons was the fact that ...I had a birthday coupon (30% off) burning a literal hole through my pocket. ;)  My goal was to redeem this thing by the end of the month, and I had to, or it would have expired anyway.  I would've hated to lose that chance.

I was going HERE! - no matter what! :)  
Please tell me you have visited this place! If you haven't... you must!!

I absolutely love this store.

Here is what I ended up buying.   This wallhanging!

 I had been looking for something similar in nature for a long, long time. 
You know, that Family Creed - idea.

 I even thought I could probably end up making a sign like this myself.  I enjoy tinkering around with hand painting and wood or burlap and that sort of thing.  I've made a few things...

In my mind I would always see something like this on rustic barn wood or a portion of fencing - so that is what I've been looking for... not necessarily a burlap canvas idea.  

Either way.

The words... they captured me.

The phrases are pretty near everything we say (to encourage) regularly, as parents - amongst our little family.

I mean... the fact that my eyes immediately whelmed in tears in the middle of the store, the moment I saw this and read it through...I just knew.... this was meant to be a part of our home.

I'm so glad, too!  It brightens and fills this little corner, so well.

As well... a special thank-you - goes out again to my friend, Kaitlin, for all her hard work and for the sharing of her heart with us on my last Mugs & Muffins.
It takes bravery and boldness to be so vulnerable... as an author, you're never sure if anyone will care or read or will say anything (via comments) and so I applaud all of you who have read and or commented; for simply showing up and making my guest feel welcomed.

And now... who will the winner be??  Let's find out...
Where is my son for the drumroll please?   He loves doing and saying this...phrase.  It's an 8 year old's prerogative, I suppose.  Really - the truth is... I need his hat! :)

So... pulling out of the hat!!  We have....
Looks like someone just got home from Baseball Camp.  And, that's because he just did!!   Look at those dirty hands... yikes!
Congratulations, Camille!!
Looks like you're the winner!!

Camille of  Flowers in His Garden

** I don't believe I have your mailing address, Camille - so I will contact you through email to obtain that information...if that is okay?  Thank you, again, for your readership as well as your friendship.  You are a sweet, sweet soul.  I'm grateful to know you- even if it just a tad, via online through blogland. :)

God bless!!
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