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Friday, August 1, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Begin

... . .. .... .. ... ... .. .. .. ... .. .. .... .. . .. . .. .. . .
Taking the plunge towards trying this one more time...
I always feel so inadequate to say the right thing... and to keep it clear and concise!
Five minutes is hard!  To get it all out there; not perfectly, but just enough...
Today's prompt, ironically, is:  begin.  And, that's what I've got to do.

:: go ::
The end of the matter is better than its beginning and patience is better than pride. 
 That is a verse I clung to - all during my single years.  It's a verse from Ecclesiastes...

We say to one another often... what if?
What if we had never met?
 What if there wouldn't have been a hello?  Nor a nod or smile?
 What if we wouldn't have shared that first exchange...or what if, what if, what if?
It all had to start somewhere.
In the before...
there was a lot of wait, and angst and confusion
in the middle a lot of prayer and patience.
So, there had to be a beginning at some point, right?

It all had to start with a step over the line
A step of faith.
A trust factor that only began with a push of the will behind it.

The end is still far off... and Lord willing it will be for awhile.
We still have each other and are so grateful
He led us together.
He knew we needed to be as one!
He knows our frame he remembers that we are dust.
We need to remember our beginning truly came because of His will for lives.

We can get hung up on the what ifs...
or we can continue to go forward with the now.

Everyday brings another chance to begin again!

Linking up with Lisa-Jo, for her last time of hosting this:

Five Minute Friday

The baton has been passed on to someone else - to host! - for next time, and the next and the next!!
I thank you, for reading!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nice little ramble...

. .. .. ... .. .... . ... .. ... ... .... .... .. ... .. .. .. .. . .. . ..
What a lovely day! Once again!  The weather couldn't be more perfect, than its been over the past couple of days... Delightful in every way!!  For sure.

Perfect kind of day for a ramble...

The past two days I've been talking {Bags by Bevy}, which I hope you didn't mind that I did.  I have to tell you -  yesterday morning I got a chance to sit down and sew up a second, semi-matching, Pocket Pouch to the one that I gifted out to a friend who was moving... which no sooner did I finish it up, take its photos, post it online, that it SOLD!!  right out from underneath me.  To which, I love that.  That sale made me feel good.. for it went off to another In-real-life friend of mine.  And, I'm glad.
It's in the mail, today!!  On it's way...

:: Hope Restored ::
large Pocket Pouch
SOLD to Staci S.

Were you home Sunday evening?  Perhaps trying to go to sleep when that wicked thunderstorm, with it's continual berating flashes of lightning, wouldn't stop?  Awesome!!  I say that because I do love me a good thunderstorm, but awesome, too, in the sense of WOW!  Someone - who is GOD!, the Creator of Heaven and Earth - certainly held us in the palm of HIS HAND!!  I can't say for sure, but I thought I heard - for a long time - sounds of a tornado in the clouds that might not ever have touched down, in our area.  I have no idea... it really did sound like a rumbling freight train coming through.

Scott and I were so glad the kids slept through it all..

Earlier in the afternoon, my brother (and his girlfriend!) asked to borrow our van.  Well, first they treated us to a pizza lupper.  (late lunch, early supper) To which I tease and say - you were just trying to butter us up, weren't you?
But, they asked to borrow our van - with the back seat down - so that they could go get something and bring it home.  They're sneaky like this. lol!

Yup!  They brought home one of these.  A Go-Cart!!  But, an adult sized, pedal one.  With an adjustable seat.  WE ALL CAN TAKE TURNS... yes, even I...got a chance to check it out!  Of course, the wagon got pulled out, too as you saw, so that more could be in on the fun, at once.  The Go-Cart conveniently has a hitch...for such things. :)  Gotta love it!!

My brother is -- Too fun!!
By the way, this is the kids Uncle who lives as a next -door neighbor to us... whom we don't see that often, believe it or not?

The kids (Aubrey and Caleb)  are in their final week of Summer (Camp Good News!) Camp... they have loved every.single.bit. of it!!  I keep asking them if they're camped out yet - and NO WAY!!  is their duo reply.  Seriously..

I am just a tad - ready for camp to be over.  I'm ready for some other family fun - days - to do together before the start of school on the 25th of August
However, I'm so, so glad they could attend camp and really have a blast doing so together - as sister and brother!  They've made lots of friends, memories and have learned a lot more of the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ!!

I made a very small batch of Pickle Relish - on Monday evening.  I can't remember if I shared the recipe with you before, or not, but this one is rather simple and it's relatively easy.  All except for when you get through all the process and are adding ingredients to get the mixture up to a good boil and you realize you're out of turmeric.  Not even the neighbor(s) have any on hand to borrow - just one teaspoon - so, I have to quick run out to the grocery store... just for that!!

I wasn't sure if I'd have enough cucumber on hand for the recipe and so I contemplated using some zucchini as a substitute.  I know it can be done!!  My mom has made a Zucchini Relish before... but, I ended up having enough cucumber to get the job done!!  I'm hoping for a few more cucs in the near future to make a couple more batches of this... as it has surely become a relished favorite.  :)

I can share the recipe if you'd like.  Let me know if you're looking for a winner...

Oh, and how the wash dried so nicely on the line - yesterday!   Wowzers!!

I actually really enjoyed my "homemaking Mama moments" yesterday.  With the laundry going, the kitchen cleaned up and a good chicken dinner in the oven.  The day couldn't have ended more perfectly than to hear all three of my blessings out in the backyard - just playing to their heart's content.  Laughing, running and hilarity...to the quiet hush of the three of them just sitting still and talking together in a huddle on the lawn.

My kitchen window and my hands in the dishwater were a soothe to the soul yesterday!!  For sure...

Well, that was until my hubby came home from work and from an added on meeting that brought him home well after dark... we sat down to a cup of coffee and bowl of Ice Cream...his two listening ears were wonderful!!

Yes!! even that beat the rest of the day - by a long shot!!

Thanks for reading, today!!

It doesn't take much to brighten someone's day.  All that's needed is a little something out of the ordinary...{Nichole Johnson}

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

{Bags by Bevy} I just want to honor...

. .. .. .. . .... .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. ... .. .. .
I never thought that I'd have back-to-back stories from Bags by Bevy, like this!
But, here's another.

I share today, to honor two lovely friends.  Mr. & Mrs. S.
They are leaving, driving by car, later today, to relocate; off to another state...far, far away!
We'll always remember our friends!

And, in effort to bless them - our church family (a.k.a., our small group!) wanted to send them off with a few cards of encouragement and small gifts.
I knew I wanted to make a Pocket Pouch for my friend, anyway.
And, so I volunteered the "gift bag" to house our parting gift in.  I named the bag, Grace & Mercy!

Grace & Mercy
:: gift given ::
(large, pocket pouch w/ french knots)

Although I named it this, it is only a similar phrase that my friend would often share, because she corrected me the other day by telling me - she always said, "grace & peace".  True!
Either way, both of those phrases are our prayer for our friends as they travel.

In the meantime...

She told me she took liberty to rename it something entirely different.
Which, I guess is okay - seeing as it is hers to do with as she'd like. :)

May our dear friends have traveling mercies...
and safe passage along the way.

We're praying for you!!
D & D.
Thank you for being like grandparents (in a way!) to our kids, we love you!  And, for all the blessing you've been to both my husband and I - this short while we've known you.  Thank you, and God bless!

In other news...
There is a second; a "twin" of this Pocket Pouch...in my etsy shop!

UPDATED TO ADD:  this item is already SOLD!!
It just SOLD, this afternoon!  Thank you!

No two bags are exactly alike.  In this case, it is the button, and hand embroidery, that make these two Pocket Pouches different.
Thank you, for looking!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

{Bags by Bevy} Just In Time...

. .. .. .. ... .. .... .. .. ... .. .. .. ... ... . .. .. . .. . . .. . 
Just In Time!
Small bag, with over-the-shoulder handles
:: SOLD ::
To and for someone special!

Can you tell, it's a secret?  I'll update when I can...
Which is today!

Actually, the truth is.  I've had this post in draft - for what seemed like forever!!
I finally am allowed to share this!!

Here is the story...
My brother, Justin, is dating the most beautiful of beautiful and had asked me make his girl a "bag" for her birthday!  Which was back, oh let's see - wait, we are still in July - sometime in the earlier part of the month??  (of course, I'm not going to divulge her birth date.) :)

See why it feels like forever?

Due to various circumstances...it's taken finally until now to get this bag/gift to her.
Needless, to say.  The bag is living up to its name.  Fully!! And, it came...
Just in time!

Its perfect, for her.  Just perfect!!

Feel free to browse the shop at any time.  Thanks for looking!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Five Minute Friday :: Finish

.. .. .. . .. ... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . ... ... . .. .. .. . .. .. ..
: go :

How is that almost before this day is even begun that I want, need, this day to be over.


I listen to the constant song of the bird outdoor and she never stops!  
Her singing goes on.  And on.

The brook, in my memory, babbles on and on, never ending.  She sings, too!  Over rocks and "interference" with ne'er a care...

And yet, I want to finish.

It's early morning.

Like I've said, we've hardly got started.  And, I wonder, how can I keep going?

I think of the bird and her song.
The brook and its' babble..

And I think of how the Psalmist says...
As long as I have breath I 'm going to keep singing praises to my God...

I have breath. 
It's been given to me - each morning - as a gift.
I can't be done.

I can't finish. 
Like this.

I must go on and finish well...

Thank you, Lord, for this fresh reminder.... 
You, are not finished with me yet, either.

: stop:

You know.  If it was left up to me and my actions or words or thoughts... it would be finished!  But, without the grace of the Lord - going before, and coming behind me.  Picking me up and carrying me forward...
He would have every right to "finish me off"...and call it for what it is!

But God! It is HE!   He wants me to finish well.  As in - Well Done!  And, He is there to deliver!!
Across the finish-line!

Linking up HERE, today!  
Five Minute Friday
Feel free to join in and share with your own five minutes of the raw and real...
There are a couple of suggested guidelines and slight redirecting changes, so you might want to check it out!

Thank you, as always, for reading along.  May your weekend have its own good finish to it, as well!  
God bless..
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